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Steve Genetski Is The Sports Mentor

College Sports Scholarships Mental TrainingA mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser.  Steve lives up to, and exceeds, that definition. He abides by lofty standards and achieves astounding results.

Steve has experience as a successful high school and college athlete, coach, and as the parent of an athlete. Using a lifetime of experience and research, Steve has developed a performance training program that builds the mental skills necessary to become a star athlete.

Steve’s Sports Stars mental training is tailored to the individual needs of each athlete and utilizes a combination of education, motivation and inspiration. It instills old-fashioned values, incorporates state-of-the-art techniques and includes many accomplishments:

  • Steve’s student athletes have received over $20 million in scholarship offers
  • More than 200 student athletes (trained one at a time) in ten different sports received scholarships
  • Many of the athletes were All-State, State Champions, or State Record-Holders
  • Twelve were High-School or College All-Americans
  • Fifteen became Professional Athletes
  • Over 30 College Quarterbacks, Sixteen D-1 Quarterbacks including the #1 rated Quarterback in the nation and five others rated in the Top 20.
  • Has trained football scholarship players at every position
  • Over 25 All-State Baseball players (5 drafted into the Pros)
  • Two of the most highly touted softball players in Alabama history
  • Has worked with three professional golfers who have shot the record score of 59, as well as a USGA National Champion
  • Numerous State Champions and star athletes in tennis, track, soccer and basketball
  • Over 90% of Steve’s athletes received scholarships

Steve helps aspiring athletes looking for the edge that will help take their game to the next level. Steve’s program assures that athletes will posses a clear understanding of what it takes both mentally and physically to perform at a consistently high level.

“I believe in the power of the mind and in the power of the human spirit.  I believe there is a champion inside each of us. The purpose of my program is to unleash that champion. “  -Steve Genetski, The Sports Mentor

Call Steve at 205-979-5351 with your questions or to schedule an informal, no obligation evaluation. If you prefer, drop us a note via the CONTACT FORM.

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