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Steve will help unleash the champion that's inside of you.

Steve The Sports MentorA Message for Athletes

You have the desire and the passion to be a winner. A champion. Wouldn’t it be great if you could unlock your ability to excel at a higher level in critical game situations? You can with Steve’s Sports Stars mental training for athletes. Steve will teach you:

Mental Strength – Gain optimal mental performance—when it counts

Focus – Learn how to have unshakable, razor-sharp focus

Confidence – Develop faith in your abilities and trust in your decisions

Composure – Be calm and in control under pressure

Attitude – Become an admired leader, gracious in defeat, humble in victory

Who needs Steve’s Sports Stars mental training for athletes? You do, if you have thought:

  • “I want to play at the next level.”
  • “I’m not making the progress I need to get where I want to go.”
  • “I need an athletic scholarship to go to college.”
  • “I feel more pressure in big games and it effects my performance.”
  • “My competition is tough and I need an edge.”
  • “I know I’m better than how I’m playing in competition.”

If you feel a need to reach a higher level of performance then my program may be just what you are looking for.  Finding out if we have a mutual fit is easy. Just have your parents contact me to schedule a free, no obligation evaluation. I’ll explain the program and then you make the decision with your parent, after you’ve had time to discuss it at home.  It’s a fun, no-pressure process so let’s get started now!

Steve Genetski, The Sports Mentor

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