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Help your child develop his or her true potential in sports, in class, in life!

Steve teaches quarterbacksA Message For Parents

My love for sports began as a young athlete, then as a coach and continued as a parent. In fact, it was through coaching my own children and their neighborhood friends that I realized the power of mental training for young athletes. My passion was (and still is) to equip each child with the confidence and character to play well enough to enthusiastically enjoy the game.

My foundation for training youth athletes is built upon decades of researching personal improvement programs and motivational courses.  I combined that knowledge with my real world experience of athletic competition and of coaching student athletes to develop the most unique and effective performance program available.

Steve’s Sports Stars mental training for athletes was born out of my desire to help kids improve and enjoy the game, but the benefits are far-reaching. The extraordinary success achieved by my students is exhibited on the field and in the classroom. My students have consistently raised their GPA’s and ACT scores by the use of proper goal setting techniques. Through their commitment to success and their pursuit of excellence they have exemplified great character and leadership.  A large number of my scholarship students became captains of their college teams. Becoming a star through my program is not about becoming an ego-centered celebrity.  To be a true star is to shine through exemplary character, discipline and action in all aspects of life.

If your young athlete shows promise in his or her sport, exhibits the desire to excel in the classroom, and feels a need to reach a higher level of performance then my program may be just what you are looking for. Finding out if we have a mutual fit is easy. Just contact me to schedule a free, no obligation evaluation. I’ll explain the program and then you make the decision after you’ve had time to discuss it with your family.  It’s a pleasant, no-pressure process so let’s get started now!

Steve Genetski, The Sports Mentor

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