Steve's program has a proven track record. Listen to some of the hundreds of athletes, parents and coaches with whom Steve has worked speak about that experience in their own words.

Tyler Watts

"Steve does a great job of working with the athlete to help them visualize certain moments that they can’t anticipate. He has them prepare themselves mentally so that when those opportunities come about, they’re not concerned with the moment. That player already knows that he’s going to succeed because he’s already done the work with Steve’s help." Tyler Watts, H.S. All-American

John Croyle

"As parents, we all want to help our children reach their dreams/goals. The time our children spent with Steve was one of the best things we did for both of them. It enabled them to play ball in the Southeastern Conference. Steve really helped them and I wholeheartedly endorse him as a qualified source of mental, emotional and spiritual balance for your child." John Croyle

Steed Lobotzke

"I always know his kids are going to be goal oriented, ambitious, real go-getters with great character and good academics." Steed Lobotzke, Offensive Coordinator, Wake Forest University

Major Ogilvie

"Steve Genetski teaches young people to believe in themselves and shows them how to be winners on and off the playing field. His honest commitment to them and his genuine interest in their future is unwavering." Major Ogilvie, Academic All-American, All-SEC RB

Suzanne Olcott Serrano

"I was an athlete that had the privilege to work with Mr. Genetski. He helped with my focus, composure, and confidence. Now I’m a coach at a high school level and I’m able to bring in Mr. Genetski to work with my girls and it helps with their focus and determination and their confidence." Suzanne Olcott Serrano, College All-American

Frank Jones

"I highly recommend Steve, he did a great job with Eric. I know that he helped him get over a lot of hurdles at his high school football games and it’s a big reason that Eric is at Tulane University in football in his junior year."

Tribble Reese

"Steve gave me something that I never had, that is the confidence to be a champion. I was offered scholarships to Notre Dame, Clemson, Ole Miss and LSU and I didn't even start playing until I was a Junior which is almost unheard of."

Kelly Bresler Rainer

"Mental preparation is the main key to success in sports. Mr. Genetski's program gave me the confidence and control to be successful." Kelly Bresler, Five-time State Champion in Track

Curtis Falany

"I played quarterback at UAB. I had offers from every Ivy League school including Harvard and Penn. I’m one of 16 Division I quarterbacks that Steve has mentored. I started with Steve in eight grade and he’s become a great quarterback coach and a great friend." Curtis Falany, former UAB quarterback

Jay Waggoner

“The things that really stand out to me regarding our time together were the ideas of concentration and focus; maintaining a positive outlook despite the ups and downs that come along with sports. Those ideas have served me well even in my business career. “ Jay Waggoner, College All-American Baseball player

Graham Spencer

"Steve works with a lot of superstar athletes and I’m not one of them. I hope to be some day and I ‘m working at it with Steve. He’s a fantastic guy and he works with you to build a foundation on how to better yourself as a person and as an athlete."

Sean McBride

"Steve has taught many highly successful athletes and allowed them to get to the highest aspect of their sport. Steve has a great approach to the mental take on the game whether you’re an athlete or a coach." Sean McBride, High School soccer coach

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